The process of achieving FCA Consumer Credit authorisation isn't something to fear, but you do need to be thoroughly prepared.

For many business owners the biggest challenge is finding the time to dedicate to the process, particularly if the end of their landing slot is fast approaching.

You need to comply with the FCA's regulations and implement your Compliance Monitoring Programme. This isn't optional.

The core features of Compliance Select give you everything you need to manage your on-going FCA compliance obligations.

E-Learning courses are included to keep you and your staff trained on the key FCA regulations and what you need to do to stay compliant.

The help we received from Compliancy Services has been great, as without the guides and templates it would have been hard to know where to start.

Gillian Noon
AngloScottish Asset Finance

Compliance Select empowers you to manage the compliance of your regulated activities at a low cost and with minimal time and resources.


Compliance Select is a subscription service for Consumer Credit, Payment Services & E-Money firms that's designed to help you achieve FCA authorisation and manage your on-going regulatory compliance obligations at a low cost and with minimal resources.

Browse our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about what's involved in becoming authorised by the FCA and watch a brief video introduction to Compliance Select on the Features and Pricing page.

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